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Upgrading to 2.4

The following describes some of the key components of the upgrade to RTIR 2.4 from all previous versions of RTIR.

The etc/upgrade/rtir-2.4-upgrade.pl script is mentioned several times for different versions. You only need to run it once and the most recent version is now included in the RTIR distribution.

Upgrading from 2.3.17 and Earlier

RT Extension Location

The layout of files in RT's directories was changed in RT 3.8.0. Each extension is now installed in its own directory and is activated using the @Plugins option in the RT config.

RTFM's Response Custom Field

RTFM's Response custom field could be created with MaxValues = 0, which is incorrect and should be changed to 1. Run the following query to update the DB.

    UPDATE CustomFields SET MaxValues = 1 WHERE
            Name = 'Response'
            AND Type = 'Text'
            AND LookupType = 'RT::FM::Class-RT::FM::Article'
            AND MaxValues = 0;

Upgrading from 2.3.15 and Earlier

There was an error in an earlier version of the etc/upgrade/rtir-2.4-upgrade.pl script where it could skip some incidents during upgrade. Run the new version of this script, especially if you never ran it or ran with earlier versions of RTIR.

This script updates Due dates on active incidents where it's not set and sets it to the most recent due date of the active children.

Applying Changes from upgrade/2.3.0

Run the upgrade scripts where we split out incidents owned by Nobody and the Current User on the most-due views on the homepage.

Applying Changes from upgrade/2.1.1

Run the upgrade scripts where we add several scrips that set 'Started' date of tickets in RTIR.

Applying Changes from upgrade/2.1.0

Run the upgrade scripts where we do following:

  1. Apply the _RTIR_IP CF to all RTIR's queues and convert it to multiple type. Also, we add several scrips to parse IP addresses from incomming mails and to fill those into the CF.

  2. The constituency field we apply to all RTIR's queues too and and add several scrips to track values of the field.

Applying Changes from upgrade/1.9.0

Run the upgrade scripts where we do following:

  1. The LaunchMessage template in the Investigations queue has been renamed to Autoreply without any changes of the content. This upgrade step is automated, but may fail if you've changed the LaunchMessage template.

  2. In the Blocks queue an Autoreply template has been added. This is a replacement for the NewMessage template. The automated step doesn't delete the old template. You have to check that the new template suits your needs, maybe copy customizations from the old one, then delete the NewMessage template.

  3. NotifyOnLaunch and NotifyOnCreate scrips have been deleted in the Implementations and the Blocks queues respectively. You have to use the default RT's Autoreply scrip instead or create autoreply scrips in these queues if the global one is disabled or doesn't exist. You need the following scrip in the queues:

        On Create AutoReply to Requestors with Template Autoreply
  4. The new 'BlockRemoved' template has been added in the Blocks queue. Check its content.

Applying Changes from upgrade/1.1.3

Run the upgrade scripts where we install several new actions, conditions and scrips that had been introduced in RTIR 1.1.3. Also, we change the action for 'SetDueReopen' scrips.

Applying Changes from upgrade/1.1.1

Run the upgrade scripts where we do following:

  1. Switch from 'UserDefined' actions and conditions to modules, so all code is in the lib directory. If you changed the code of the scrips then you have to port changes.

  2. Run the etc/upgrade/rtir-2.4-upgrade.pl script. This script updates Due Dates on active incidents where they are not set and sets them to the most recent due date of the active children.

Applying Changes from upgrade/1.0.3

Run the upgrade scripts where we grant the ShowTemplate right to the DutyTeam group.

Upgrading from RTIR 1.0.0

RTIR now installs in RT's local/plugins/RT-IR directory rather than local/html, making local modifications to RTIR easier. Do the following:

  1. IMPORTANT! Back up any modifications that you've made to the /opt/rt3/local/html/RTIR directory.

  2. Remove the old RTIR files and install everything into clean directory as described in the install instructions. Do not run the database init step.

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