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Upgrading to 3.2

The following describes some of the key components of the upgrade to RTIR 3.2 from previous versions of RTIR, specifically from RTIR 3.0. The other UPGRADING documents contain details for previous versions.

add_constituency Moved

The add_constituency script has been moved from etc to the standard bin directory.

Chart URLs changed

RT 4.2 added improved charting (multiple group bys, calculations, etc), but the arguments passed have changed. If you have bookmarks pointing to /RTIR/Search/Reporting.html they likely will not work on RTIR 3.2.

Incident Due Dates

It is now possible to edit the Due date of Incidents manually, however editing a child's Due Date will overwrite this (and Incident Due dates are not copied down to Children).

$RTIRSearchResultFormats now %RTIRSearchResultFormats

If you've copied $RTIRSearchResultFormats to your RTIR_SiteConfig.pm, you should switch to using %RTIRSearchResultFormats. You no longer need to copy the entire configuration option just to change one or two of the formats (documented in RTIR_SiteConfig.pm) so you can merge your customizations together with our new entries and avoid copying defaults.

Linking an IR to an Incident now copies IPs

When creating an Incident from an Incident Report, RTIR would helpfully copy the IP for you, but didn't do so if you later added another IR to an existing Incident. If you do no want this behavior, it is controlled by the "On Linking To Incident Copy IPs" scrip in the Incident Report Queue.


RTIR 3.2.0 and earlier set an unlimited value for the core setting MaxInlineBody, overriding the default of 12k. This could cause performance problems on large emails with large numbers of IP addresses, URLs, or other MakeClicky targets. RTIR now sets a MaxInlineBody of 25k.

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