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Upgrading to 2.6

The following describes some of the key components of the upgrade to RTIR 2.6 from previous versions of RTIR, specifically from RTIR 2.4. The other UPGRADING documents contain details for previous versions.

Upgrading from 2.4.x and Earlier

_RTIR_ Prefix Removed

_RTIR_ prefix has been deleted from all RTIR's custom fields. This means you have to update any custom code you have: templates, scrips and other customizations which may have name of a custom field hardcoded.

Custom fields with multiple words in the name and no spaces have been renamed, now there is space. These custom fields are:

    HowReported  => How Reported
    ReporterType => Reporter Type
    WhereBlocked => Where Blocked

All these changes are implemented in etc/upgrade/2.5.1/content

Custom Field Updates in Saved Searches

Saved searches are affected by the above change and you can convert them using a script provided.

    perl etc/upgrade/2.5.1/update_saved_searches.pl

Custom Field Updates in Templates

Some standard RTIR templates contain code to insert values of CFs into emails. It is impossible to safely change these templates automatically, so you have to do it manually. To identify templates and/or confirm that all has been changed you can use the following SQL query:

    SELECT id, Queue FROM Templates WHERE Content LIKE '%_RTIR_%';

Usually this change is as simple as deleting the _RTIR_ prefix and adding a space to the three names mentioned above.

Some of your code may still use the old names as well, so you'll need to update it. The following command might help you identify where it's used:

    find dir/ | xargs grep '_RTIR_'

Custom Fields Configuration

The _RTIR_*_default options in the config have been merged together into the RTIR_CustomFieldDefaults hash. Change your site config accordingly.

Upgrading from 2.4.4 and Earlier

SubjectTag was ignored in RTIR templates, so users could be confused. Find all templates with the following text:

    [{$rtname} #{$Ticket->id}]

And replace it with:

    [{$Ticket->SubjectTag} #{$Ticket->id}]
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