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RT::Shredder::Plugin::Base - base class for Shredder plugins.



If any argument is marked with keyword mask then it means that this argument support two special characters:

1) * matches any non empty sequence of the characters. For example *@example.com will match any email address in example.com domain.

2) ? matches exactly one character. For example ???? will match any string four characters long.


for subclassing in plugins

Type - is not supported yet

See Todo for more info.


Takes nothing. Returns list of the supported plugin arguments.

Base class returns list of the arguments which all classes must support.


Takes the name of an argument. Returns true if the argument is a boolean.

Used to display checkboxes in the web interface.


Takes a list of argument names. Returns true if all arguments are supported by plugin and returns (0, $msg) in other case.


Takes hash with arguments and their values and returns true if all values pass testing otherwise returns (0, $msg).

Stores arguments hash in $self-{'opt'}>, you can access this hash from Run method.

Method should be subclassed if plugin support non standard arguments.


Takes no arguments. Executes plugin and return (1, @objs) on success or (0, $msg) if error had happened.

Method must be subclassed, this class always returns error.

Method must be called only after TestArgs method in other case values of the arguments are not available.



Takes one argument - mask with * and ? chars and return mask SQL chars.

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