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  RT::Transactions - a collection of RT Transaction objects


  use RT::Transactions;



LimitToTicket TICKETID

Find only transactions for the ticket whose id is TICKETID.

This includes tickets merged into TICKETID.

Repeated calls to this method will intelligently limit down to that set of tickets, joined with an OR


Returns the list of fields that lists of transactions can easily be sorted by

Limit Helper Routines

These routines are the targets of a dispatch table depending on the type of field. They all share the same signature:

  my ($self,$field,$op,$value,@rest) = @_;

The values in @rest should be suitable for passing directly to DBIx::SearchBuilder::Limit.

Essentially they are an expanded/broken out (and much simplified) version of what ProcessRestrictions used to do. They're also much more clearly delineated by the TYPE of field being processed.


Handle ID field.


Handle Fields which are limited to certain values, and potentially need to be looked up from another class.

This subroutine actually handles two different kinds of fields. For some the user is responsible for limiting the values. (i.e. ObjectType).

For others, the value specified by the user will be looked by via specified class.

Meta Data: name of class to lookup in (Optional)


Handle fields where the values are limited to integers. (id)

Meta Data: None


Handle date fields. (Created)

Meta Data: 1: type of link. (Probably not necessary.)


Handle simple fields which are just strings. (Type, Field, OldValue, NewValue, ReferenceType)

Meta Data: None


Handle object custom field values. (OldReference, NewReference)

Meta Data: None


Handle custom field name field. (Field)

Meta Data: None


Try and turn a CF descriptor into (cfid, cfname) object pair.

Takes an optional second parameter of the CF LookupType, defaults to Ticket CFs.


Limit based on CustomFields

Meta Data: none


Limit based on the ContentType or the Filename of an attachment.


Limit based on the Content of a transaction.


Convert a RT-SQL string into a set of SearchBuilder restrictions.

Returns (1, 'Status message') on success and (0, 'Error Message') on failure.


Returns the last string passed to "FromSQL".

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