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This condition check passes if the current transaction is a status change.

The argument can be used to apply additional conditions on old and new values.

If argument is empty then the check passes for any change of the status field.

If argument is equal to new value then check is passed. This is behavior is close to RT 3.8 and older. For example, setting the argument to 'resolved' means 'fire scrip when status changed from any to resolved'.

The following extended format is supported:

    old: comma separated list; new: comma separated list

For example:

    old: open; new: resolved

You can omit old or new part, for example:

    old: open

    new: resolved

You can specify multiple values, for example:

    old: new, open; new: resolved, rejected

Status sets ('initial', 'active' or 'inactive') can be used, for example:

    old: active; new: inactive

    old: initial, active; new: resolved
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