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ExtractSubjectTag is a ScripAction which allows ticket bonding between two RT instances or between RT and other Ticket systems like Siebel or Remedy.

By default this ScripAction is set up to run on every transaction on every Correspondence.

One can configure this ScripActions behaviour by changing the global $ExtractSubjectTagMatch in RT_Config.pm.

If a transaction's subject matches this regexp, we append the match tag to the ticket's current subject. This helps ensure that further communication on the ticket will include the remote system's subject tag.

If you modify this code, be careful not to remove the code where it ensures that it only examines remote systems' tags.


As an example, Siebel will set their subject tag to something like:

    B<[SR ID:1-554]>

To record this tag in the local ticket's subject, we need to change ExtractSubjectTagMatch to something like:

    Set($ExtractSubjectTagMatch, qr/\[[^\]]+[#:][0-9-]+\]/);
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