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RT::Action::ClearCustomFieldValues - clear all the values of a custom field on a ticket


ClearCustomFieldValues clears the values of a custom field on a ticket. For multiple value custom fields, this action will clear all values.

Since it requires a Custom Field name or ID as an argument, you need to create a specific Action with this ScripAction module and set "Parameters to Pass" with the desired Custom Field to be cleared.


Assume you have a date custom field called 'Next Follow Up'. When a ticket is resolved, you want to clear the date value because no more follow-ups are needed.

The first step is to create a new Custom Action. Go to Admin -> Global -> Actions and find "Clear Custom Field Value Template" in the action list. Click on that action, then click Copy Action to create a new Action.

Update the fields with your new custom field information, for example:

    Name: Clear Next Follow Up
    Description: Clear Next Follow Up custom field
    Action Module: ClearCustomFieldValues
    Parameters to Pass: Next Follow Up

For "Parameters to Pass", add the custom field name or ID that you want to clear.

Finally, create a new Scrip with the Custom Action you have just created. Go to Admin -> Scrips -> Create.

Fill out the new Scrip with the following information:

    Description: Clear Next Follow Up custom field on Resolve
    Condition: On Resolve
    Action: Clear Next Follow Up
    Template: Blank
    Stage: Normal
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