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Takes hash with optional CallbackPage, CallbackName and CallbackOnce arguments, other arguments are passed throught to callback components.


Page path relative to the root, leading slash is mandatory. By default is equal to path of the caller component.


Name of the callback. Default is used unless specified.


By default is false, otherwise runs callbacks only once per process of the server. Such callbacks can be used to fill structures.

Searches for callback components in /Callbacks/<any dir>/CallbackPage/CallbackName, for example /Callbacks/MyExtension/autohandler/Default would be called as default callback for /autohandler.


Returns path of the request.

Very close to $m->request_comp->path, but if called in a dhandler returns path of the request without dhandler name, but with dhandler arguments instead.


Logs any recorded SQL statements for this request before calling the standard abort.

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