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RT::Action::UpdateParentTimeWorked - RT's scrip action to set/update the time worked on a parent ticket when a child ticket's TimeWorked is added to.


This action is used as an action for the 'On TimeWorked Change' condition.

When it fires it finds a ticket's parent tickets and increments the Time Worked value on those tickets along with the built-in behavior of incrementing Time Worked on the current ticket.

Important Notes on Operation

There are some important details related to the use of this scrip for time tracking that you should take into account when using it.

RT has a feature called $DisplayTotalTimeWorked that you can activate in your RT_SiteConfig.pm file. This feature dynamically calculates time worked on child tickets and shows it on the parent. This solves the issues above because it doesn't modify the parent's Time Worked value and it will update if children tickets are added or removed.

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