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RT::SavedSearch - an API for saving and retrieving search form values.


  use RT::SavedSearch


SavedSearch is an object based on RT::SharedSetting that can belong to either an RT::User or an RT::Group. It consists of an ID, a description, and a number of search parameters.



An object of this class is called "search"

RT::SavedSearch->EscapeDescription STRING

This is a class method because system-level saved searches aren't true RT::SavedSearch objects but direct RT::Attribute objects.

Returns STRING with all square brackets except those in [_1] escaped, ready for passing as the first argument to loc().


Returns the type of this search, e.g. 'Ticket'. Useful for denoting the saved searches that are relevant to a particular search page.


In the context of the current user, load a list of objects that could have searches saved under, including the current user and groups. This method considers both rights and group membership when creating the list of objects for saved searches.

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