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EscalatePriority is a ScripAction which is NOT intended to be called per transaction. It's intended to be called by an RT escalation tool. One such tool is called rt-crontool and is located in $RTHOME/bin (see rt-crontool -h for more details)

EsclatePriority uses the following formula to change a ticket's priority:

    Priority = Priority +  (( FinalPriority - Priority ) / ( DueDate-Today))

Unless the duedate is past, in which case priority gets bumped straight to final priority.

In this way, priority is either increased or decreased toward the final priority as the ticket heads toward its due date.

Alternately, if you don't set a due date, the Priority will be incremented by 1 until it reaches the Final Priority. If a ticket without a due date has a Priority greater than Final Priority, it will be decremented by 1.


EsclatePriority's behavior can be controlled by two options:


If true (the default), the action casuses a transaction on the ticket when it is escalated. If false, the action updates the priority without running scrips or recording a transaction.


If true (the default), the action updates the LastUpdated field when the ticket is escalated. You cannot set UpdateLastUpdated to false unless RecordTransaction is also false.

To use these with rt-crontool, specify them with --action-arg:

    --action-arg "RecordTransaction: 0, UpdateLastUpdated: 0"
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