RT 4.0.25 Documentation

This version has reached its end of life and is out of support. Please contact us for upgrade assistance.


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Returns the current value of $field. (In the database, $field is stored as $type.)


        unless ( exists $typemap{$field} && ( $typemap{$field} eq 'auto' || $typemap{$field} eq 'ro' )) {
            $FieldsPod .= "

Set$field VALUE

Set $field to VALUE. Returns (1, 'Status message') on success and (0, 'Error Message') on failure. (In the database, $field will be stored as a $type.)

"; }

        $FieldsPod .= "


Returns the $modulemap{$field} Object which has the id returned by $field


Returns an empty new $RecordClassName item

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