RT 4.0.25 Documentation

This version has reached its end of life and is out of support. Please contact us for upgrade assistance.


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As there are a large number of code changes, it is highly recommended that you install RT into a fresh directory, and then reinstall your customizations.

The database schema has changed significantly for mysql 4.1 and above; please read UPGRADING.mysql for more details.

The configuration format has been made stricter. All options MUST be set using the Set function; the historical "@XXX = (...) unless @XXX;" is no longer allowed.

The RTx::Shredder extension has been integrated into core, and several features have been added, so you MUST uninstall it before upgrading.

A new interface for making links in text clickable, and doing other arbitrary text replacements, has been integrated into RT. You can read more in `perldoc docs/extending/clickable_links.pod`.

A new feature has been added that allows users to forward messages. There is a new option in the config ($ForwardFromUser), new rights, and a new template.

New global templates have been added with "Error: " prefixed to the name to make it possible to configure error messages sent to users.

You can read about the new GnuPG integration in `perldoc lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm`.

New scrip conditions 'On Close' and 'On Reopen' have been added.


Scrips are now prepared and committed in order alphanumerically by description. This means that you can prepend a number (00, 07, 15, 24) to the beginning of each scrip's description, and they will run in that order. Depending on your database, the old ordering may have been by scrip id number -- if that is the case, simply prepend the scrip id number to the beginning of its description.


The default for $RedistributeAutoGeneratedMessages has changed to 'privileged', to make out-of-the-box installations more resistant to mail loops. If you rely on the old default of redistributing to all watchers, you'll need to set it explicitly now.

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