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RT::Shredder::Plugin::Users - search plugin for wiping users.


status - string

Status argument allow you to limit result set to disabled, enabled or any users. Default value is disabled.

name - mask

User name mask.

email - mask

Email address mask.

member_of - group identifier

Using this option users that are members of a particular group can be selected for deletion. Identifier is name of user defined group or id of a group, as well Privileged or <unprivileged> can used to select people from system groups.

replace_relations - user identifier

When you delete a user there could be minor links to them in the RT database. This option allow you to replace these links with links to the new user. The replaceable links are Creator and LastUpdatedBy, but NOT any watcher roles. This means that if the user is a watcher(Requestor, Owner, Cc or AdminCc) of the ticket or queue then the link would be deleted.

This argument could be a user id or name.

no_tickets - boolean

If true then plugin looks for users who are not watchers (Owners, Requestors, Ccs or AdminCcs) of any ticket.

Before RT 3.8.5, users who were watchers of deleted tickets will be deleted when this option was enabled. Decision has been made that it's not correct and you should either shred these deleted tickets, change watchers or explicitly delete user by name or email.

Note that found users still may have relations with other objects, for example via Creator or LastUpdatedBy fields, and you most probably want to use replace_relations option.

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