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RT::Shredder::Constants - RT::Shredder constants that is used to mark state of RT objects.


This module exports two group of bit constants. First group is group of flags which are used to clarify dependecies between objects, and second group is states of RT objects in Shredder cache.



Targets that has such dependency flag set should be wiped out with base object.


If dependency has such flag then target object would be wiped only after base object. You should mark dependencies with this flag if two objects depends on each other, for example Group and Principal have such relationship, this mean Group depends on Principal record and that Principal record depends on the same Group record. Other examples: User and Principal, User and its ACL equivalence group.


This flag is used to mark dependencies that can be resolved with changing value in target object. For example ticket can be created by user we can change this reference when we delete user.


This flag is used to validate relationships integrity. Base object is valid only when all target objects which are marked with this flags exist.



Default state of object in Shredder cache that means that object is loaded and placed into cache.


Objects with this state are not exist any more in DB, but perl object is still in memory. This state is used to be shure that delete query is called once.


Object is marked with this state only when its relationships are valid.


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