RTIR: RT for Incident Response

RTIR 4.0.1 Release Notes

RTIR 4.0.1 - 2018-06-28

We're pleased to announce the general availability of RTIR 4.0.1. It contains
several improvements and also bugfixes. The list of changes included with this
release is below.


SHA-256 sums

da942cd2e9facb65809518757b8b8ec010b83a140677f1a296c209b06f210b5e  RT-IR-4.0.1.tar.gz
bd924a10710c03c17cc567d55d59c6e1c597d9b9190a01c1ebf04797b02e03c0  RT-IR-4.0.1.tar.gz.asc

General user UI
  * Fix charting to be inline with RT 4.4.1
  * Fix compatibility with RT's new status selector in search
  * Improve due and start date field widths on incident create (I#31870)
  * On RT 4.4.2, support new recently-viewed ticket feature (I#32484)
  * Improve alignment of Link and New buttons on Incident (I#31748)
  * Make Link, New, Take, Lookup buttons on IRs smaller
  * Respect rich-text input preference on incident pages (I#32166)
  * Fix Show Email link when show history pref is set to "immediate"
  * Include the new RTIR logo
  * Add button to save whois and traceroute results to ticket (I#31257)
  * Remove extra ?id= in transaction history links (I#30744)
  * Remove Type arg from call to UpdateData to load correct editor on Incidents
  * Add button to save Whois and Traceroute results to a ticket (I#31257)
  * Remove extra table row at bottom of RTIR ticket display
  * Restore styling for single column create/update layout
  * Provide a new option to use RT's search page directly rather than always
    redirecting to the RTIR search page
  * Add Lifecycle as an extra arg on Link
  * Update IPv6 matching to use stronger boundary conditions and avoid
    matches with non-IPv6 strings
  * Handle emails with +tags in 'Investigate to' MakeClicky links

Server Administration
  * Avoid dependency on Sort::Versions
  * Avoid regex deprecation warnings on perl 5.21.1+
  * Remove stale callback on upgrade from RTIR 3.2 that broke admin UI
    for ticket custom fields (I#32100)
  * Include RT 4.4.2 schema changes in the RTIR upgrade test
  * Remove unnecessary query debug log for Charts
  * Use Lifecycle to load queue-specific Formats
  * Wrap RT upgrade to catch warnings
  * During upgrades, correctly derive status from state CF for all cases
  * Only enable Net::Whois debug logs if RT's log level is debug

  * Add AfterWorked callback to /RTIR/Update.html
  * Add AfterHidden callback to /RTIR/Incident/Reply/index.html
  * Add AfterHidden callback to /RTIR/Incident/Create.html
  * Add ARGSRef and SaveChanges parameters to Initial callback on
  * Add BeforeDisplay callback to /RTIR/Display.html
  * Add TicketObj parameter to BeforeDisplay callback on
  * Improve test compatibility with RT 4.4.2
  * Fix test failure with HTML::Mason versions prior to 1.52
  * Use RT's new version of SelectStatus
  * Remove unused EditComponentName callback file on upgraded systems
  * In RTIR/Update.html Initial callback, pass ARGS as a reference

  * Use RT::Handle's cmp_version function in upgrade version checks
  * Various fixes for perl 5.26 compatibility
  * Redirect to the correct display page from Update.html
  * Normalize SkipNotification checkbox value to an arrayref
  * Differentiate RTIR Reports menu from RT Reports in tests
  * Confirm TicketObj is defined before checking for queue whois server
  * Remove explicit require of Auth::Crypt that could cause errors when
    not installed
  * Stop parsing empty URIs to avoid warnings
  * Convert a queue name reference in tests to use lifecycle
  * When merging, default to empty string values for unset constituencies
  * In tests, use lexical iterator so inline test server can render articles
  * Filter CFs when creating Incident and Investigation at the same time

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log 4.0.0..4.0.1
or visiting