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RT 5.0.5 Release Notes

RT 5.0.5beta1 -- 2023-09-18

RT 5.0.5beta1 is now available for testing. The list of changes
included with this release is below.


SHA-256 sums

6eeac641b296939390c9c94e47e7237588e713ef48b3f826de7228128c5cc173  rt-5.0.5beta1.tar.gz
d0f26c39baeb1fa5d4a6541f1c8755f7858c289b15ac101792156bf6ab1a0481  rt-5.0.5beta1.tar.gz.asc

General user features

* Include "Create" transactions when checking if there are unread messages
* Support HasUnreadMessages and HasNoUnreadMessages criteria for ticket search
* Make simple search result refresh always function
* Support to download custom field attachments from SelfService
* Allow additional ticket relationship graph directions
* Add the missing Principals autocomplete URL for Self Service
* On the People page, list current user in "All Recipients" if it's a watcher
* Align existing attachment list
* Show direct members for charts grouped by watchers in perl calculation
* Add the same separator as ticket cfs for user cfs in Spreadsheet
* Exclude owner email address from one time Cc/Bcc inputs
* Require unique name for Conditions and Actions
* Enable the selectpicker class for multiselect cfs
* Don't highlight "RT for" as the active menu
* Show that a principal is disabled while editing people inline
* Fix empty updates sending emails with html signatures
* Remove mobile restrictions for CKEditor
* Get the Stylesheet of the called user object instead of its CurrentUser
* Tweak quoted selection content and quote it with blockquote for html
* Fix lifecycle new status removal
* Improve Lifecycle validation messages
* Allow to wrap for normal collection list headers
* Make search chart tables responsive
* Adjust EmailInput element to use the correct autocomplete helper
* Make Principals Helper compatible with EmailInput element
* Add a __SelectedUser__ search placeholder and portlet to set it
* Do not disable inline edit after errors
* Fix Find Group portlet input size
* Fix Find Asset portlet input size
* Avoid adding duplicated prefixes like "Ticket ID: " on bulk update pages
* Use id prefix for core field update messages consistently
* Rebalance page menu when the entire page (not just DOM) is ready
* Return success when disabling a disabled record via REST 2
* On ticket update, update names in Cc/Bcc select boxes when
  checking/unchecking one-time "All recipients"
* On dashboard edit, drop height CSS rules for each section in source
  selection boxes to prevent overlap


* Add documentation for using rt-crontool with multiple --action parameters
* Fix formatting in docs for $DateTimeFormat config examples
* Document default Name setting in RT::User
* Provide examples for CanonicalizeEmailAddress match and replace
* Fix docs on RT::Queue::IsWatcher
* Fix the link to RT_Config's External-storage section in pod
* Custom Roles cannot apply globally; correct docs
* Fix typo in transaction-type argument in rt-crontool docs (thanks rob@lonap.net!)
* Fix "Reffered" typo in metadata doc (thanks nreiling!)
* Fix 'followoing' typo in docs (thanks nreiling!)
* Clarify usage of the $EmailSubjectTagRegex setting
* Fix ticket_metadata.pod: Incorrect documentation of parent/child (thanks nreiling!)
* Improve documentation for RT::Search modules
* Document MySQL 8 support (actual MySQL 8 support was added in RT 5.0.4)
* Document web deployment with apache+proxy_fcgi
* Remove trailing / from mailgate url examples
* Fix users -> uses typo in query builder docs
* Document the new __SelectedUser__ search placeholder
* Remove duplicate REST 2 asset examples
* Document changes to some update messages
* Update NAME header in rt-munge-attachments POD (thanks andrew!)


* Remove state criteria for invalid utf8 error warnings to allow
  the full-text indexer to continue to run
* Improve template 'Error: public key'
* Don't error if users4 index has been removed
* Update required versions for GD::Graph and Date::Extract
* Make RT work with MySQL 8
* Update DBIx::SearchBuilder to 1.69 to work with MySQL 8
* A client terminating a connection shouldn't kill a FCGI process (thanks andrew!)
* Add configuration option $AllowGroupAutocompleteForUnprivileged
* Allow selection of SSL providers with SMIME
* Add new page where admins can preview results of search modules
* Allow selection of SSL providers with SMIME
* Add RT::Interface::Web::ReportsRegistry package, allowing extensions to
  add custom reports more easily
* Index SortOrder of ObjectCustomFieldValues
* Re-work indexes on Links table
* Bump SearchBuilder to 1.77 to fix a possible sorting issue
* Add a dropdown with values for RedistributeAutoGeneratedMessages config
* Fill up CachedGroupMembers at the end of importer for performance
* Add --all to serializer to export all data with UIDs and not check dependencies
* Reload scrubber rules for current process that changes configs
* Create a local version of $RULES{img} to update it dynamically based on configs
* Tweak code logic to short-circuit config checks when img rules are pre-defined
* Update legacy timezones
* Add --limit-queues and --no-queues support for rt-dump-initialdata
* Support to dump and import CustomFieldDefaultValues attributes with cf name
* Add new Scrip Logging page
* In the Lifecycle editor, set on_create status only if it's absent
* Add expiration option for auth tokens


* Explicitly check rights when loading and deleting RT System saved
  searches rather than catching with an error
* Don't mark fields in JOIN conditions as limited
* Fix simple ticket search tests to make sure tickets are really found
* Don't default Name to EmailAddress in LoadOrCreateByEmail
* Many changes to improve automated testing via Github Actions
* Set MasonLocalComponentRoot via RT->Config->Set so apache can see it
* Encode content for textual "message/..." attachments to fix issues with
  $TreatAttachedEmailAsFiles and some types of messages
* Convert ticket link graph generator to GraphViz2
* Update tests for EN datetime locale change to space
* In sessions, pass datetime in UTC as LastUpdated is stored that way
* Switch to Test::MockTime::HiRes in date api test
* Drop obsolete apache and fastcgi test configs
* Limit ObjectType in articles custom field searches
* Disable buildkit in github tests to continue using the local network feature
* Update expired certificates and related tests
* Pass action to GetCurrentUser of email interface
* Limit ObjectType in articles custom field searches
* Tweak Serialize methods for REST2 where no serializer arg is passed
* Do not quote bind numbers for SQLite
* Add rt-clean-attributes to git ignored files
* Create a new object to avoid circular references that happen on RT::CurrentUser
* Fix memory leaks in recursive anonymous subroutines
* Add new utilities to Makefile.in (thanks firefart!)
* Support WebPath configuration when checking ResultPage
* Get query string from REQUEST_URI for correctness and also better performance
* Drop obsolete apache and fastcgi test configs
* Support to run tests with apache+proxy_fcgi
* Remove trailing artifacts before adding query part
* Check return value of CanonicalizePrincipal in case username/email is invalid
* Drop the useless /s as the regexes don't contain "."
* No need to check listen address if FCGI is managed by Server::Starter
* Wrap raw "do" SQL into eval to show more error details
* Reduce unnecessary Load calls after creation for performance
* No need to convert ascii strings
* Support to create principals in batch beforehand
* Tweak UID generation code and also cache user UID for performance
* Skip rights checks for serializer/importer
* Cache various objects for records
* Skip rights check on ACE access for system user
* Skip rights check on Attachment access for system user
* Avoid duplicates of postponed id resolution
* Add batch mode to importer for data serialized with --clone or --all
* Serialize/Import subscriptions correctly
* Serialize/Import bookmarks correctly
* Filter class rights before adding to IN clause
* Allow to set columns to their default value or NULL
* No need to explicitly set SubjectTag as it's NULL by default
* Convert empty strings to NULL for Category of CustomFieldValues
* Pass $message to the ModifyContent callback
* Remove unused local variable that is very misleading
* Don't generate $args that is equal to '?'
* Append $args to "Edit Search" even if we have no query
* Add default value for calls to LookupType
* Fix typo, this block is to check GroupId
* ACL in initialdata is applied globally by default
* Handle system internal and role groups for ACL deletion in initialdata
* Do not keep track of ObjectScrips ids when calculating changes
* Calculate ObjectCustomField changes based on source RT if possible
* Handle ObjectScrip updates for scrips in initialdata
* Handle ObjectCustomRole updates for custom roles in initialdata
* Handle ObjectClass updates for article classes in initialdata
* Add methods for adding and removing a logger
* Add LogScripsForUser config option
* Add logging of all scrip stages
* Add HasLogs column for Scrips
* Add HasLogs to Scrip AdminSearchResultFormat
* Add Logging tab to Scrip Admin menu
* Show Scrip errors for UserDefined code
* Set on_create status only if it's absent
* Fix typo in time left label param

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-5.0.4..rt-5.0.5beta1
or visiting