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RT 5.0.1 Release Notes

RT 5.0.1 -- 2021-01-29

We're pleased to announce the general availability RT 5.0.1.
The list of changes included with this release is below. This is
mostly a bugfix release but it also includes some additional
improvements that were not ready in time for the previous release.


SHA-256 sums

6c181cc592c48a2cba8b8df1d45fda0938d70f84ceeba1afc436f16a6090f556 rt-5.0.1.tar.gz
4b7a40a648e2e82575bcfa9d289b4b87129d3a437d0f0161666595cc8a373907 rt-5.0.1.tar.gz.asc

General Updates and Fixes
  * Don't display a dropdown in transaction history header if it is empty
  * Fix width/max-width for .width-md/.max-width-md
  * Switch to the correct *width-lg for existing *width-md elements
  * Add the OwnerNameEdit column as an option in the format dropdown in the query builder
  * Fix alignment for ticket creation on the group summary page
  * Fix radio/checkbox inputs for "click" panel behavior of inline edit
  * Preserve message quoting levels when converting HTML to plain text on comment/reply
  * In the lifecycle editor, confirm the actions config array value exists
  * Fix dark theme pagenum background color overlap
  * Fix dark theme action-private color in RichText editor
  * Show group tickets on self service closed tickets page
  * Restore Total Time Worked to previous position on Ticket Display page
  * Search group itself for SelfService "My group's tickets"
  * Fix the input name to delete group members on group admin page
  * On date selectors, fix the wrongly quoted date input id
  * Add RT::Extension::FormattedTransaction to core
  * Update HTML in transaction display to remove table-based layout
  * Set diff text style rules more specifically
  * In ticket search results, don't generate inline editing HTML if inline edit is disabled
  * Fix TimeUnits overlap for dark-theme
  * Fix dropdown toggle for dark-theme
  * Add ability to serve a custom dashboard as the SelfService home page
  * Fix datepicker icons for dark-theme
  * Add UI for editing and displaying the SortOrder associated with an article
  * Fix colors for selectionbox for dark-theme
  * Fix bootstrap tooltip colors for dark-theme
  * Fix dropzone colors for dark-theme
  * Fix EditConfig tab and active colors for dark-theme
  * Fix a:visited color change for dark-theme
  * Tweak error widget styles to improve display in elevator themes
  * Widen input box in Find a user portlet on RT at a Glance
  * Use ticket update page layout for "Update ticket" portlet on jumbo page
  * Align "Time to display" in footer
  * Fix upload file type custom fields in inline edit forms
  * Add "CustomFieldView" column type for view-only custom field values in search results
  * Fix an error loading the SavedSearches component on the RT at a glance page
  * Center comment/reply messagebox on bulk update
  * Replace cf hints with tooltips on bulk update
  * Fix padding for custom field inputs on bulk update
  * In lifecycle editor, update mapping form submission parsing to handle '-' in lifecycle name
  * Add new article portlets to the available self service components
  * Add Top and Newest Articles portlets for self service
  * Add a Home menu item to self service to mirror regular RT
  * Display article content in a titlebox container
  * Reduce the min-width of self service article list
  * Fix naming mismatch preventing system txn/asset/chart saved searches from being added to dashboards
  * Order articles in SelfServiceTopArticles by SortOrder
  * Fix col layout for transaction custom field values
  * On approval ticket display, switch to div to not create illegal nested links
  * Make pagination with many linked tickets in linked queue portlet work
  * Fix overlap of wrapped long values in forms
  * Remove extra, unmatched closing div on Login/Logout pages
  * Handle multipart attached emails when TreatAttachedEmailAsFiles is enabled

  * Add basic article/class endpoints to REST2
  * Add REST2 support for fetching attachment details with selected fields
  * Attachment content is now base64 encoded when returned
  * Abstract code to process file uploads to avoid duplication for REST2
  * In REST2, handle lazy-created custom role groups that don't exist
  * Add support for merging tickets in REST2
  * Support take/untake/steal for tickets in REST2
  * Accept an array of link params on record create for linking multiple tickets
  * Add support for updating record links
  * Allow attachments to be added when a ticket is created (thanks gibus and puck!)

  * On the RT Portal admin page, set parent height to make iframe take up the whole height
  * On user admin page, fix user data link overlap for dark-theme
  * 'use' REST2 in web handler as PSGIWrap needs it for the web installer
  * Make GnuPG file extensions more easily configurable
  * Add .gpg file extension support to RT::Crypt::GnuPG
  * Bump DBD::Pg to 3.8.0+
  * Allow updating a lifecycle from an invalid value to a valid option on queue admin pages
  * Add ShowEditLifecycleConfig option to disable lifecycle admin pages
  * Obfuscate passphrase in %SMIME, %GnuPG and %GnuPGOptions on system config page
  * In the rt-munge-attachments utility, allow header and content munging to be disabled by flags
  * Allow specifying of transactions for rt-munge-attachments to munge
  * Make inputs wider on scrip create/modify pages
  * Center content on scrip create/modify pages
  * Add SelfServiceShowArticleSearch configuration option
  * Display TreatAttachedEmailAsFiles as boolean in web UI
  * Add option to disable password prompt when creating tokens
  * Mark config items containing regexp immutable
  * Use JSON format for array/hash items in system config edit web UI
  * Find full path for processing acl files on upgrade to work with newer perls

  * Refactor code so we can add history endpoints to new classes more easily
  * Avoid permission check to get CF type in CustomFieldValueIsEmpty
  * Avoid permission check to get CF CanonicalizeClass
  * Confirm the queue default value in %ServiceAgreements is a hash before using it as one
  * Extract PriorityAsString config mapping in a method
  * Accept string priority values in SetPriority
  * Convert to absolute path before executing initialdata files
  * In lifecycle mappings, move 'MaybeRedirectForResults' code after mapping updates
  * Cache custom field values in mason to improve performance of inline edit
  * Allow class-level rights to show self service articles
  * Switch to Obfuscate callback for $DatabasePassword/$LDAPPassword configs
  * Remove special handling of password like core variables on configuration page
  * Fix uninitialized warnings for empty nested dependency
  * In ShowCustomFieldCustomGroupings, accept arg for inline edit form action URL
  * Drop useless queue parameter in loc call that doesn't have placeholders
  * Fall back to "RT::Ticket" item for extended classes in %InlineEditPanelBehavior
  * Respect extra query params to build page menus for all search pages
  * Check "ShowArticle" right beforehand to get accurate number of articles

  * Document new FileExtensions config option for GnuPG
  * Add missing mapping to lifecycle docs example
  * Update existing lifecycle docs screenshots
  * Update screenshots in docs with 5.0 versions.
  * Fix the image path for subscriptions in feeds doc
  * Update README link to backups doc
  * Add support for linking POD in subdirectories for README/UPGRADING docs
  * Fix MimeType in REST2 doc example
  * Move asset examples to their own section in docs
  * Update lifecycle docs for lifecycle UI
  * Fix asset search endpoint in doc examples
  * Fix rt-setup-fulltext-index --dry-run flag docs
  * Update instructions for lifecycle mapping page to mention assets
  * Document steps to fix home pages with saved search errors
  * Document time zone dependencies in MariaDB for charts
  * Document switch to JSON instead of Perl for System Configuration editor
  * Document the options for modifying links via REST2
  * Add take, untake, steal endpoints to docs
  * Add documentation for using attachments via REST2

Testing and Developer
  * Don't clean gpg stuff if tests are skipped
  * Skip gpg homedir creation if tests are going to be skipped
  * Add REST2 tests for articles/classes
  * Add callback for modifying the group query on self service tickets page
  * Add tests to delete group members from web UI
  * Add test for the formatted transaction output.
  * Add callback to modify CSS files loaded in header
  * Test setting lifecycle from an invalid value to default on queue admin page
  * Test ticket custom field updates with names containing spaces in REST2
  * Fix BeforeMessageBox callback location on Bulk Update page
  * Make sure $user always exists to simplify Obfuscate callback a bit
  * Test tickets with custom roles applied later
  * Add tests for the lifecycle Mappings.html page
  * Fix typo in lifecycle_mappings test
  * Make admin_queue_lifecycle.t happy when RT_TEST_DEVEL is not enabled
  * Update dashboard tests for the format change of system saved searches
  * Add tests for system non-ticket saved searches in dashboards
  * Add tests for system non-ticket saved searches in MyRT
  * Update unit test for JSON entry of hashes/arrays rather than Perl
  * Test ticket merge in REST2
  * Test ticket steal/take/untake in REST2
  * Add REST2 tests for ticket link updates
  * Test custom field uploads on ticket create for REST2
  * Skip "links" html formatter tests if it's actually "elinks"
  * Add AfterQueueAddresses callback for queue admin page

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-5.0.0..rt-5.0.1
or visiting