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RT 4.4.1 Release Notes

RT 4.4.1 -- 2016-07-20

We're pleased to announce the availability of RT 4.4.1. This release
addresses several bugs in RT 4.4.0 and also adds a few small but important

The list of new features is included below, followed by bugfixes.


SHA1 sums

a3c7aa5398af4f53c947b4bee8c91cecd5beb432  rt-4.4.1.tar.gz
ae0308287bf1c42d2a3fe0a429f4c8715d15599d  rt-4.4.1.tar.gz.asc

 - Shawn M Moore, for Best Practical

New features

  * Administrators and users can now choose to place signatures above
    the quoted message in replies (RT_Config setting
    "SignatureAboveQuote" and the similarly named user preference). This
    also improves the specific spacing between quotes and signatures in
    all configurations. (I#31877)

  * Users may now choose to suppress dashboard email when all of its
    searches have no results. This is controlled by the new "Suppress if
    empty" checkbox on the subscription page. (I#30078)

  * The Dashboard subscription recipient options have been greatly
    expanded from a single text field (which happened to support multiple
    email address separated with a comma) to a robust user/group search.

  * Users may now select a specific language for each dashboard email
    subscription. Administrators can customize the method by which
    dashboard email language is chosen (including specifying an ultimate
    fallback other than English) with the @EmailDashboardLanguageOrder
    RT_Config option.

  * The "hide unset fields" preference now also hides unset custom
    fields, obsoleting RT::Extension::CustomField::HideEmptyValues.
    Additionally there is now a toggle button at the top right of the
    ticket display page for quickly toggling whether unset fields are
    hidden or shown. (I#31523)

  * There is a new SetInitialCustomField right that permits setting
    custom field values on records (tickets, assets, articles) while you
    are creating them. It does not permit modifying custom field values
    of existing records. Users with SetInitialCustomField but without
    ShowCustomField will still be able to specify a custom field value
    at create time but not see it afterwards. (I#14974)

  * Administrators and users can now choose to display queue dropdowns
    as an autocomplete field (RT_Config setting "AutocompleteQueues"),
    much like is available for Owners. If your RT instance has many
    queues this option improves performance and usability. (I#31291)

  * New config for hiding time worked, time estimated, and time left
    from unprivileged users in the self-service interface (RT_Config
    setting "HideTimeWorkedForUnprivilegedUsers"). This also adds a hook
    point RT::Ticket::CurrentUserCanSeeTime for further
    customization. (I#31302)

  * Long attachment lists can now be truncated to show only the X newest
    attachments, with an AJAX "Show all" link, (RT_Config setting
    "AttachmentListCount"). This should improve the performance and
    usability of both ticket display and ticket reply pages.

General user UI
  * Eliminate console errors from Preview Scrip Recipients panel when there
    are no recipients
  * Avoid URL length errors from Preview Scrip Recipients panel when the
    messagebox has lots of content (I#31874)
  * Include MessageBoxRichText in JavaScript config to fix compatibility
    for RT::Extension::QuoteSelection
  * Support autocomplete custom fields in bulk update (I#15259)
  * Hint to the user that not all CF types are supported by bulk update,
    instead of silently excluding them (I#15259)
  * Exclude One-Time Cc and One-Time Bcc addresses from
    squelching (I#31386)
  * Restore behavior of $EditCustomFieldsSingleColumn config (I#18555)
  * Improve "reuse existing attachments" UI to match existing
    attachments UI (I#31709)
  * Improve ticket timer text-overflow styling (I#31713)
  * Switch from generating an explicit list of statuses to Status =
    '__Active__' and Status = '__Inactive__' throughout the UI, both
    improving performance and simplifying TicketSQL queries (I#31695 etc)
  * Switch queue search from queue ID to queue name for better usability
  * Fix keyboard shortcut ? command in self-service UI (I#31535)
  * Support / keyboard shortcut in self-service UI
  * Add ticket SLA to display columns for search results (I#31831)
  * Modernize UI of Articles display and modify
  * Display creator, created, and updated metadata on Articles pages
  * Fix searching for people associated with Assets (I#31546)
  * Support 4.4 attachment uploader in self-service UI (I#31845)
  * Fix bulk update check/clear all checkboxes (I#31667)
  * Fix poor rendering of "create [relationship] ticket in [queue]" when
    there are no existant links (I#31871)
  * Fix a regression with time zones in datetime custom fields (I#31674)
  * Ticket timers no longer pause when JavaScript stops running (I#31707)
  * Show the "include attachments" label on ticket reply only if there
    are attachments to include
  * Avoid showing an empty custom fields panel on ticket edit pages when
    user can see custom fields but cannot edit them
  * Fix new and existing charts that fail to render on dashboards (I#31557)
  * Fix certain attachment links containing HTML metacharacters from
    double escaping (I#31751)
  * Avoid failure to create tickets due to custom role rights (I#32069)
  * Avoid SQL errors when using article quicksearch (I#31987)

  * Add new sbin/rt-search-attributes script for searching for
    attributes matching criteria specified as Perl code (I#31294)
  * Fix issues around incorrect recipients in rt-crontool invocations
    with multiple actions

  * Add $MaxFulltextAttachmentSize RT_Config option (default: 0 meaning
    no limit) for tuning how very large attachments are included in the
    full-text index
  * Avoid indexing EmailRecord transactions as they duplicate content
    already available in the original Create, Correspond, and Comment
    transactions. This improves both indexing time and index size
  * Avoid creating transactions for, and bumping Last Updated of,
    tickets when migrating RT::Extension::SLA custom field values to
    the core SLA field (I#31924)
  * Add the new RT 4.4 Queue SortOrder column sooner in the 4.4 upgrade
    process to improve extension compatibility
  * Avoid errors during `make initdb` when ExternalAuth is enabled (I#32009)

Web Administration
  * Add EscapeURI and EscapeHTML functions for use in email
    templates (I#31442)
  * Add RT::Action::AddPriority action for use with rt-crontool which
    simply increments the priority by $Argument every invocation

Server Administration
  * Avoid DateTime::Locale version 1.01
  * Have ./configure test whether to use GNU-style syntax or BSD-style
    syntax for `find -perm`
  * Several fixes around 4.0 and 4.2 upgrade scripts running under 4.4
  * Fix migration of "SLA Disabled" for queues in the upgrade-sla
    script (I#31703)
  * Avoid overloading error caused by certain versions of Email::Address
    on Preview Scrips Recipients (I#31712)
  * Add explicit Pod::Select dependency since it was removed from Perl
    5.18 (I#31873)
  * Add documentation for the now-core ExternalAuth and LDAPImport options
    in RT_Config (I#31464)
  * Automatically enable ExternalAuth when the ExternalSettings config
    option is declared, obviating the need for an explicit
    `Set($ExternalAuth, 1);` (I#31689)
  * Remove unnecessary dependencies on FCGI::ProcManager and
    Net::LDAP::Server::Test (I#31872) 
  * Many cleanups in and improvements to our CPAN dependency install

  * Remove unused RT::Shredder::Record
  * Add RT::Date->Strftime method (I#31435)
  * If content_like (or similar) tests fail, output the page content
    to a tmp file for debugging (I#31408)
  * Make autocomplete infrastructure more generic and extensible
  * Add missing %ARGS to ShowHistoryPage call in ShowHistory, improving
    RTIR compatibility
  * Fix missing CurrentUser parameter in RT::Interface::Email::Gateway
    to improve RT::Extension::CommandByMail compatibility
  * Fix Queue SLADisabled _CoreAccessible metadata to match schema's default
    value of 1 (I#31822)
  * Switch "hide unset fields" to be implemented with CSS for additional
  * Add CSS classes (for example `.admincc`) for many basic fields on
    ticket display
  * Allow setting SLA in RT::Queue->Create, which can be used in
    initialdata files (I#31823)
  * Improve ShowHistory compatibility with RTIR
  * Add stubs for the fields that had been removed from queues in 4.4 to
    improve compatibility with extensions and customizations (I#32019)
  * Fix tests to enable ExternalAuth
  * Added infrastructure for deprecating specific callbacks, as we
    consider them to be part of our stable API
    (RT::Interface::Web::Request %deprecated)
  * Deprecated callbacks:
      /Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html AfterUpdateCustomFieldValue
  * New callbacks:
      /Ticket/Update.html RightColumnBottom
      /Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html EndOfPage
      /Elements/CollectionAsTable/Row EachField
      /Dashboards/Subscription.html SubscriptionFormEnd, SubscriptionFields,
          and MassageSubscriptionFields
      /Elements/SelectOwnerDropdown ModifyOwnerListRaw and ModifyOwnerListSorted
      /Helpers/Autocomplete/Owners ModifyOwnerAutocompleteSearch
      /Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments BeforeAttachment
  * Improved callbacks:
      /Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html Initial adds $Results
      /Elements/MessageBox Default adds $DefaultRef and $MessageRef
  * Adjust TicketHistoryPage to reuse existing callbacks for TicketHistory

  * Add documentation for 4.4's $ShowHistory scroll option in
    RT_Config (I#31705)
  * Fix UPGRADING-4.2's description of PostgreSQL full-text search using
    GiST; it uses GIN indexes (I#31844)
  * Link to RT::Authen::ExternalAuth as a local document like the rest
    of RT's core modules, rather than as an external link to metacpan
    like we do for extensions (I#31957)
  * Update docs/authentication.pod to reflect RT::Authen::ExternalAuth
    and RT::LDAPImport (previously RT::Extension::LDAPImport) becoming
    part of core RT (I#31861)
  * Fix broken link in SLA documentation
  * Improve the upgrading documentation around migrating from
    RT::Extension::SLA to core SLA
  * Third-party source code packaging improvements (I#31900)
  * Link to our new RT wiki at https://rt-wiki.bestpractical.com

  * Fix broken attachment upload UI for Catalan language (I#31864)
  * Fix JS compile errors for translations with apostrophes (specifically
    French) under infinite scroll (I#32090)
  * Update translations for: Finnish, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian,
    Russian, Turkish, and UK English.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.4.0..rt-4.4.1
or visiting