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RT 4.2.9 Release Notes

RT 4.2.9 -- 2014-10-29

RT 4.2.9 is now available

RT 4.2.9 is a bugfix release and includes a fix needed to release RTIR 3.2.0.


SHA1 sums

f3433d388d59283b4ea28d588af69fd16f870aae  rt-4.2.9.tar.gz
248b98bb1a3d6aaa01d55958457505c2f59e38d4  rt-4.2.9.tar.gz.asc

General user UI
* Fix Subject header during ticket printing (#30362)
* Comparisons of long text Custom Fields were erroneously reporting
  updates (#30378)
* Broken logo link for the mobile UI when used with $WebPath
* No longer leak base64 data to non-english users who change a Dashboard
  subscription and futureproof for other Attribute updates (#24665)
* Previous column selection is remembered when updating search formats (#16972)
* Charts could return quadrupled data for aggregate data (such as Time
  Worked) depending on your rights configuration.
* Charts can now be grouped by Priority
* Ticket Creation form now leaves Requestor blank on page reload if you
  cleared it out.

* "check to delete all values" is now localized

* BeforeDue action now accepts 2D as well as 2d (#30449)
* bin/rt no longer shows a default Due date unless one is configured
  on the Queue. Additionally, Starts and Due are served in your time
  zone (#20334)

* Improvements to the layout of the Group Members page

* Fix tests that used send_via_mailgate to properly check returns (#19156)
* Improvements to rt-static-docs for generating online documentation
* Proper warnings testing for cf_date tests
* Remove unused code to render Rules during replies/comments
* Undo a regression that meant Custom Fields passed to Ticket->Create
  needed to be readable by the user creating the ticket.

* Add a mention of SelfService to the documentation of $AllowUserAutocompleteForUnprivileged
* Update our backups documentation to cover restoring from the suggested

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.2.8..rt-4.2.9
or visiting