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RT 4.2.6 Release Notes

RT 4.2.6 -- 2014-07-16

We are pleased to announce that RT 4.2.6 is now available.


SHA1 sums

3a876015da1330ed58719997979c1346dca2df75  rt-4.2.6.tar.gz
527ad4a5a5918ea29c8fa128c59312239faf35d0  rt-4.2.6.tar.gz.asc

This release is primarily a bugfix release; of particular note is that
it contains schema changes for MySQL.  Though the changes are quite
limited, it is especially important to take, and verify you can recover
from, a database backup prior to upgrading.

Also of note, it fixes a regression in 4.2.5 regarding unsetting core
date fields, and now allows HTML tables in ticket history if the
optional HTML::Gumbo module is installed.

General web UI
 * Fix a regression introduced in 4.2.4, which caused lack of formatting
   of plain text when responding via the rich text editor.
 * Allow tables in HTML mail if the optional HTML::Gumbo dependency is
 * Fix a regression in 4.2.5 which prevented core date fields (Due,
   Starts, etc) from being unset (#30180)
 * Hide empty transaction custom fields when they have no value; this
   fixes a regression in 4.2.1 where transaction custom fields began
   displaying on all transactions. (#29757)
 * Allow searching on requestor city, state, zip, and country in query
   builder (#26960)
 * Don't attempt to parse IP/Date(time) CFs if the value is NULL; this
   prevents warnings.
 * Remove border-radius: 0 to allow Firefox to use native text entry
   widgets (#28233)
 * Allow Firefox to reflow the data table below the chart on rudder
 * Whitelist user search from CSRF restrictions
 * Only include closing paren in MakeClicky link if it included an open
   paren (#29064)
 * Canonicalize CF values (including dates, IP addresses, and IP ranges)
   before comparing to the database value; this prevents spurious
   "changed from a to a" messages.
 * Allow downloading 0-length files if they have a filename (#9050)
 * Quick Create now defaults to the lifecycle's default create status,
   instead of hardcoding "new"
 * Show Wikitext CFs in bulk update
 * Add autocompletion to link boxes on bulk update

 * Add localization strings for Articles admin pages
 * Add localization strings for user "Create Ticket" user summary portlet
 * Add new #loc{key} form, to allow for more concise Lifecyles in config
 * Updated German translation

Web administration
 * Provide a default Category on External custom fields, for performance
 * Provide a new "Notify Owner or AdminCCs" action
 * Move search widgets for custom field admin interface to the top of
   the page, to match other admin pages
 * Use "LIKE" as the default search operator in the queue admin interface
 * Enable searching by Lifecycle and SubjectTag in the queue admin
 * Add SubjectTag to the default AdminSearchResultFormat for queues
 * Move Disabled to the last column of the default Queue admin search
   result format, to match Scrips
 * Add Disabled column to AdminSearchResultFormat for Classes,
   CustomFields, Groups, and Users
 * Add Disabled ColumnMap entry for Classes, Groups, and Users
 * Prevent RT from locking up if a too-large image was uploaded for the
   logo (#29929)
 * Fix bugs in cascaded CFs of radio buttons and checkboxes when
   categories contained spaces or periods.
 * Quiet "No valid Type specified" warnings from queue watcher page for
   user search results that were left blank (#29993)

Server administration
 * DBD::Pg 3.3.0 conflicts with RT's UTF-8 handling; for this release,
   it has been blacklisted.  If you are using PostgreSQL as your
   database and have DBD::Pg 3.3.0 installed, you will need to download
   and install DBD::Pg 3.2.1 from CPAN.
 * Allow the validator to fix incorrect values for Owner (#28403)
 * Fix a regression in 4.2.5 which caused errors when calling
   rt-crontool with a numeric --template argument.
 * Quiet warnings in the 4.2.2 upgrade step for users upgrading from
 * Add not_member_of restriction for User shredder plugin
 * Warnings avoidance for RT::Attachments->Address when run as the
   System User
 * Update logo attribute as the current user, to allow auditing of who
   changed it last
 * Alter Links table on MySQL to support Unicode URLs (#19338)
 * Warn on non-ASCII right names (#19339)
 * Support Sphinx builds compiled with --enable-id64
 * For compatibility with RT::Extension::MergeUsers, ensure that
   Shredder checks that a user (possibly resolved from a merged user) is
   valid before attempting to shred them
 * Correctly detect presence of graphviz binary (`dot`), instead of
   libgraph.so, for perl dependency calculation
 * When merging instances with identical $Organization values, do not
   qualify groups and queues

 * Move AboutThisUser callback back to /Ticket/Elements/ShowGroupMembers
   where it appears to originate, from where RT 4.2.0 accidentally moved
   it, /Elements/ShowPrincipal/AboutThisUser
 * Move all runtime module loading to UNIVERSAL::require
 * Correct error message from RT::Date->Timezone
 * Simplify code to assume Postgres 8.4, as RT 4.2 requires
 * Add more class and id attributes to user admin pages and preferences
 * Pass right number of arguments to sprintf, for Perl 5.22
 * Move sbin/rt-message-catalog into devel/tools and streamline to unify
   with Launchpad import format
 * Adjust more tests for RT_TEST_WEB_HANDLER=inline
 * Remove dependency checks in t/, as they are covered by required
   developer dependencies

 * Improved documentation for RT::Date
 * Link POD, URLs, and emails in HTML generated from README
 * Document "Satisfy any" technique for allowing rt-mailgate to post to
   RT when $WebRemoteUserAuth and Apache authentication is used
 * Document explicit steps for adding a new status to a lifecycle

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.2.5..rt-4.2.6
or visiting