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RT 4.2.5 Release Notes

RT 4.2.5 -- 2014-06-12

We are pleased to announce that RT 4.2.5 is now available.


SHA1 sums

99c6685f7bbb839fe77ef21714dbb43626f187e5  rt-4.2.5.tar.gz
4205a7fa678c4476e23fe8042955ac37c19cebf0  rt-4.2.5.tar.gz.asc

This release is primarily a bugfix release; most notably, it explicitly
updates a dependency to fix a previously-announced security
vulnerability, resolves two serious bugs in the serializer, and fixes
the "paste" feature in the Rich Text editor.

Updated dependencies
 * Updated Email::Address::List dependency, to resolve CVE-2014-1474,
   as was previously announced in
 * Bump CGI dependency (under perl 5.20 and above, only) to quash
   warnings about CGI.pm's deprecation in core (#29053)

 * Serialize binary data as binary, not as UTF-8 codepoints; this fixes
   a regression introduced in 4.2.3 which corrupted all binary data in
   serialized data.
 * Serialize ObjectScrips when cloning, which had been mistakenly
   omitted; this only partially resolves #29949, as it does not address
   serialization of ObjectScrips when not cloning.

General web UI
 * Force CKEDITOR_BASEPATH; this fixes errors during pasting into the
   Rich Text editor (#29780, #29987)
 * Ticket autocompletion (for links) is more predictable when completing
   on strings containing numbers (#25755)
 * Fix "Show Outgoing Email" and Reply/Comment/Forward links in
   Approvals (#29800)
 * Correctly decode text/html parts of old (RT 3.6.5 and prior) emails

 * Updated localizations (German, Greek, Slovak, Lithuanian)

Web administration
 * Display clean Stage name in ColumnMaps (#28739)
 * Add Scrips Select/Create menu, and maintain context on which list of
   Scrips the Select page should link to (#28787)
 * Granting rights to new groups no longer requires clicking in textbox
   twice in Firefox (#29911)

Server administration
 * Log when Encode::HanExtra would be useful in decoding emails, and
   make use of it if it is available.
 * Squash warnings in 4.1.17 upgrade step (#29595)
 * Reorder DROP IF EXISTS on 4.1.1 Postgres upgrade step to drop
   sequence after dropping the table; avoids bugs on upgrading in a
   previously-upgraded database
 * Stop hardcoding the list of available themes, instead auto-detecting
   new themes as they are added (#14667)
 * Explicitly point to $AutocompleteOwners setting in warning that RT is
   switching to the autocompleter due to too many owners.
 * Remove caching of template object in rt-crontool; this fixes a bug
   where the same content would be sent on all tickets (#29454)
 * rt-fulltext-indexer now locks, to prevent more than one instance from
   running at once (#17423)

 * Add BeforeMessageBox callback in ModifyAll.html for parity with
   Create.html and Update.html
 * BeforeCustomFields callback in ShowCustomFields now takes $Table parameter
 * Default callback in ShowTransaction can now modify $ShowBody
 * Add a RT::Date->IsSet method
 * Fix invalid ContextObject on RT::CustomField->LoadByName when passed
   Queue => 0; this led to invalid LookupType limits on later calls to
 * Generalize RT::CustomField->LoadByName to work with non-Queue context
   objects, and to optionally return globally-applied CFs and not
   Disabled CFs.
 * Tests now pass again using RT_TEST_WEB_HANDLER=inline
 * ->AddCustomFieldValues no longer allows adding repeated values (#4553)

 * Drop references to MySQL 4.1, as RT 4.2 requires MySQL 5.1
 * Updated example plugins used in documentation, and suggest Plugin()
   over Set(@Plugins, ...)  (#29978)
 * Documentation for ColumnMap

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.2.4..rt-4.2.5
or visiting