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RT 4.2.3 Release Notes

RT 4.2.3 -- 2014-02-20

We are chuffed to announce that RT 4.2.3 is now available.


SHA1 sums

e9e48c0a6d6b005e15c2f65c7919f70b086e5569  rt-4.2.3.tar.gz
e0cb3cc5f6146aca29c4dd17684b5c47bc49c47f  rt-4.2.3.tar.gz.asc

This release is primarily a bugfix release; notable changes include:

Administrator tasks
 * Avoid starting a FastCGI process manager in the common case of the
   FastCGI process being started by the webserver, and communicating
   over STDIN.  This restores the behavior from 4.0, where the process
   name is the full path to rt-server.fcgi, and not the static string
   "perl-fcgi-pm" or "perl-fcgi".
 * Automatically clean out Mason cache when updated HTML is installed
   during upgrades; this should prevent a common class of errors.
 * Fix paths in rt-importer when importing from a serialized dump which
   was written to an absolute path.
 * Additional optional upgrade script for users upgrading from RT 3.8
   who previously used RT::Extension::CustomField::Checkbox.
 * Pass characters, not bytes, to _EncodeLOB during de-serialization;
   this prevents invalid UTF-8 from a serialized dump from entering the
   new database.
 * Catch and warn of additional common misconfigurations of GPG/SMIME
 * Prevent a possible infinite loop in rt-validator --resolve if
   Principal records were missing; default to forcing their creation.

 * Localization updates from Launchpad.

General user UI
 * Date and DateTime customfields now pass "mandatory" validation if
 * "1970-01-01" is now treated as "unset" for purposes of Date and
   DateTime validation.
 * Add Date and DateTime fields to bulk update.
 * Don't conduct a user search if no string was entered.
 * Signal if a user is disabled at the top of User Summary pages.
 * Resolve regression in 4.2, which caused warnings during ticket
   creation when transaction custom fields were applied.
 * Respect transaction squelching during GPG/SMIME signing and
   encryption.  Lack of public key for a squelched user will no longer
   trigger errors, for instance.
 * Resolve regression in 4.2, where the recipient squelching
   checkboxes did not properly synchronize state between users who
   appeared multiple times.
 * Adjust the bottom edge of rolled-up tabs in ticket pages.
 * Sort data groupings in charts numerically, not ASCIIbetically, if
   they all appear to be numbers.
 * Ensure that Sidebar / Body panes in dashboard configuration display
   in a consistent order on perl 5.18 and above.
 * For strict DOM compliance, move a "name" attribute on <div> to
 * Prevent "Can't call method "DependsOn" on an undefined value" error
   in bulk update if tickets were deleted.
 * Show links to tickets which are not readable by the user as numbers,
   not as blank titles.
 * Add a "ticket-active" class, as well as the current status as a
   class, to ticket links on ticket display page.
 * Fix a regression in 4.2 which caused an error when a user with
   only limited rights (Watch or WatchAsAdminCc) removed themselves as a
   watcher from a ticket or queue.
 * Allow SeeCustomField on a single queue to show its custom fields
   during search if the search is limited to that queue.

 * Remove obsolete wording mentioning CPAN 1.84, which we guaranteed to
   already have a more recent version of, by way of perl 5.10.1.
 * Correct reminders documentation to suggest RT::Action::Notify, not
 * Documentation on writing extensions for RT.

Admin interface
 * Fix "Queue" and "QueueId" columns in admin Scrips listing to emulate
   their display in 4.0.
 * Additional ModifyDropdownLimit in SelectOwnerDropdown to allow sites
   to increase the previously-hardcoded limit of 50 users in the
   drop-down before it switched to autocompletion.
 * Correctly style warnings about Articles needing configuration.
 * Resolve regression in 4.2 in admin interface, where the current group
   and rights tab is not preserved across rights submission.
 * Show static content roots in System Configuration, alongside Mason
   content roots.
 * Catch and warn of template compilation errors, such as unbalanced

 * Improve right-checking query plan (at least on PostgreSQL 9.3) by
   de-duplicating ACL equivalence objects, and using the RT::System's
 * Upgrade steps from RT 4.0 -> 4.2 now DROP IF EXISTS tables and
   sequences before attempting to create them, except on Oracle.  This
   resolves the common case of testing an upgrade before re-importing a
   backup atop it for the final upgrade, leaving the new tables still in
 * Fix a regression in 4.2 which caused rt-server to hold extra database
   handles open.  For FastCGI processes, this was one extra per FastCGI
   process; for standalone servers, only one overall.

 * MassageDisplayHeaders callback in ShowTransactionAttachments is now
   passed $ShowHeaders.
 * Callbacks in EditTransactionCustomFields are now passed $InTable.
 * MassageCustomFields callback in EditCustomField is now correctly
   passed $CustomFields.
 * Correct a typo in the documentation for MakeClicky callbacks.

 * Provide and use a GetCustomFieldInputName() function to
   programmatically determine form field names from custom field
 * Resolve a bug when associating unknown users with single-user roles;
   this primarily only affects Assets.
 * Allow consumers of /Elements/SimpleSearch to provide the placeholder
 * Default Stage for Scrips to be TransactionCreate; primarily for
   initialdata, but affects all callers of RT::Scrip->AddToObject.
 * Adjust etc/upgrade/shrink_transactions_table.pl to avoid new
   deprecation warnings.
 * Fix precedence errors of "return ... or ..." found by perl 5.19.
 * Allow consumers of EditCustomField to specify undef $Rows or $Cols to
   omit the respective attributes during form element rendering.
 * Prevent warnings on perl 5.19 and above.
 * Allow members to be added to groups during group creation in
 * Prevent race conditions in 99-policy.t by skipping t/tmp/ and other
   volatile directories.
 * Pass Ticket object to ShowAttachments on Ticket/Forward.html, to
   allow for greater extensibility by providing more context.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.2.2..rt-4.2.3
or visiting