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RT 4.2.15 Release Notes

RT 4.2.15 -- 2018-06-19

We're pleased to announce the general availability of RT 4.2.15. It
contains several improvements and also a few bug fixes. The list of
changes included with this release is below.


SHA-256 sums

3752a12eff67c640e577d2b5feda01c9f07e3b2e227eabf50089086e98038bba  rt-4.2.15.tar.gz
e278f4335e86528356301bbf49b239f44caaedacab7caf1c34625d141ed3aa9c  rt-4.2.15.tar.gz.asc

General user UI
  * Show the Ticket's Subject when modifying the ticket.
  * Re-format RT/Config.pm so the `# loc` comment parses correctly.

Web Administration
  * Stop wrapping ShowUser in <a> tags to avoid unnecessary nested links.
  * When listing group members, sort by text-only representation of the
    user, not HTML (I#30771)
  * In the group admin page, stop pre-computing ShowUser.
  * In shredder, check for both id and name mismatches when loading objects
  * Retain scrip sort order in pagination links

  * Cache OCFVs to improve performance searching for duplicates when adding
  * Remove unused dependencies on File::Copy and Carp.
  * On Oracle, return the empty string instead of undef for Subject when it
    has no value on a ticket.
  * Handle alphabetic words in RT::Plugin::Version

  * Avoid using $id in /Ticket/Display.html so callbacks can modify id in ARGS.

  * Mention the RT-Attach-Message: yes header in template docs.
  * Fix incorrect path in portlet documentation.

  * Many changes to refactor sections of RT's internationalization code.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.2.14..rt-4.2.15
or visiting