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RT 4.2.13 Release Notes

RT 4.2.13 -- 2016-07-20

We're pleased to announce the availability of RT 4.2.13. This release is a
bugfix release; most notably, values in charts are now sorted numerically,
and regression for time zones on date/time custom fields has been addressed.
A complete list of improvements follows.


SHA1 sums

eb155493ae8aa965a9571be47abe95ce7dd7a70c  rt-4.2.13.tar.gz
4b760717439c6971bd5849e1b3401e7d6bb404cb  rt-4.2.13.tar.gz.asc

 - Shawn M Moore, for Best Practical

General User UI
  * Avoid race condition where a ticket's Started timestamp could be
    before its Created timestamp
  * Users without ability to update a saved search are no longer shown
    an Update button
  * IP custom field textboxes now wide enough for full IPv6 addresses (I#24565)
  * Self-service Cc field now allows for autocompleting multiple users
  * When possible sort charts numerically rather than ascii-betically
  * QuickCreate now respects DefaultQueue and RememberDefaultQueue (I#30913)
  * Make user preferences use label tags for better clickiness (I#30953)
  * Hide "Transaction has no content" from Extract Article (I#31027)
  * Improve CSRF detection by whitelisting more specific parameters (I#31090)
  * Empty selection boxes no longer render 1px wide (I#31316)
  * Show queue ID if the user can't see the queue name
  * Search builder display format now properly supports "large" sizing
  * Fix SMIME encoding issue (I#31155)
  * Improve messaging and logging around reminders that users can't see
  * Queue name on ticket display is now a link to a search for all active
    tickets in that queue
  * Support autocomplete custom fields in bulk update (I#15259)
  * Hint to the user that not all CF types are supported by bulk update,
    instead of silently excluding them (I#15259)
  * Improve compliance with RFC4480 for GPG armor lines (I#30372)
  * Restore behavior of $EditCustomFieldsSingleColumn config (I#18555)
  * Fix a regression with time zones in datetime custom fields (I#31674)
  * Fix certain attachment links containing HTML metacharacters from
    double escaping (I#31751)
  * Fix custom attachment URLs for self-service users (I#30960)

  * "schema" upgrade files no longer issue CREATE INDEX statements, instead
    there are now "indexes" upgrade files that describe the end state of the
    indexes RT requires. This better handles indexes that may have been
    deployed by hand or otherwise already exist.
  * We now correctly shred ObjectCustomFields records when shredding a
  * Add $MaxFulltextAttachmentSize RT_Config option (default: 0 meaning
    no limit) for tuning how very large attachments are included in the
    full-text index
  * Improve 4.0 upgrade scripts running under 4.2

Web Administration
  * We now record transactions for changes to queues
  * Improve visual design of Shredder forms

Server Administration
  * Add missing dependency on Encode 2.64
  * New RT_SiteConfig.pm files now get a "use utf8;" by default to allow
    config options to use Unicode
  * bcrypt cost has been doubled on schedule to improve password hashing
  * Allow multiple --action and --action-arg options in rt-crontool
  * Fix "use of localtime without parentheses" warning
  * rt-email-dashboards now has a --log parameter for setting log level
  * Add config %ReferrerComponents to provide fine-grained control over
    referrer checking behavior
  * Clarify web config validation log messages (I#31117)
  * Add a no_ticket_transactions option to user shredder
  * Remove now-unnecessary dependency on Apache::DBI (I#31210)
  * Avoid DateTime::Locale versions 1.00 and 1.01
  * Have ./configure test whether to use GNU-style syntax or BSD-style
    syntax for `find -perm` (I#31308)

  * Improve test compatibility with File::Which 1.17
  * Improve test compatibility with HTML::FormatText::WithLinks::AndTables
  * Remove unused RT::Shredder::Record
  * Transactions now have a ColumnMap
  * New callbacks:
      /Ticket/Create.html MassageCloneArgs
      /Admin/Queues/Modify.html FormStart
      /Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics AfterTimeLeft, AfterPriority, AfterQueue,
          and AfterTable
      /Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary AfterBasics, AfterPeople, AfterReminders,
          and AfterDates
      /Ticket/Graphs/index.html BeforeActionList, FormStart, AfterForm, and
      /Ticket/Update.html RightColumnBottom
      /Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html EndOfPage
      /Elements/CollectionAsTable/Row EachField
      /Dashboards/Subscription.html SubscriptionFormEnd, SubscriptionFields,
          and MassageSubscriptionFields
      /Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments BeforeAttachment
  * Improved callbacks:
      /Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html Initial adds $Results

  * New documentation on format strings (docs/format-strings.pod) for
    controlling how search results are displayed
  * Update documentation to expect that most installations will deploy
    fulltext search
  * Also remind users that they should set up backups in the README
  * Fix UPGRADING-4.2's description of PostgreSQL full-text search using
    GiST; it uses GIN indexes (I#31844)

  * Adjust the string "CustomFields" to instead use the existing
    "Custom Fields" to ease translation
  * We now display translated ticket properties and statuses on graphs
  * Update translations for: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, French,
    German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Occitan, Polish,
    Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.2.12..rt-4.2.13
or visiting