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This version has reached its end of life and is out of support. Please contact us for upgrade assistance.

RT 4.0.9 Release Notes

I'm happy to announce that RT 4.0.9 is now available.


SHA1 sums

1adf162b2d73eb521b00f45e30ccea6fe193e604  rt-4.0.9.tar.gz
ac76d9199cbeda986f9cea590177a4047840fc37  rt-4.0.9.tar.gz.sig

This release contains a number of bugfixes since the 4.0.8 release.
It also contains the first set of embargoed security tests fixed by
patches released on 2012-05-22.  These are the tests for
vulnerabilities fixed in RT 4.0.6 and RT 3.8.12.

This release also requires a newer HTML::RewriteAttributes.
You will be prompted to upgrade when upgrading RT or when manually
running 'make test-dependencies'.

If you have set a custom @JSFiles in RT_SiteConfig.pm, you will need to
amend this to include the new jquery.cookie.js file added to
RT_Config.pm.  See UPGRADING-4.0 for more details.

* IE8/9 are encouraged never to use compatibility mode.
* User autocompletes on Oracle now work.
* Disabled personal groups hiding out from 3.8 are cleaned out.
* When upgrading from 3.8 to 4.0 the article upgrade points to the
  correct upgrading documentation.
* Restore the link to a Queue's History.
* Stop manually deleting Custom Field Values in the REST API, use
  the standard RT API calls.
* Avoid Devel::StackTrace 1.28 and 1.29 which are known to break RT.
* Don't show the full login page to mobile clients.
* Refresh your Localization preferences on each page load.
* TicketSQL containing Queue = 'Nonexistant Queue' will not generate
  invalid SQL.
* Fix an error deleting Custom Field Values on some installs.
* Ensure that leading newlines on Templates are preserved, despite
  browsers stripping them.
* Eliminate a potential deadlock on large emails when using GPG.
* Handle emails in unknown charsets better.
* Fix GPG Error templates that used reference passing.
* Make Configuration written by the installer consistent and skip some
* Log better error messages and fewer warnings with parsing unparseable
  sender email addresses.
* Add a missing table element to the Outgoing Mail element.
* Allow 'requestors' on REST ticket creation because it was allowed in
  3.8 (earlier versions of 4.0 only allowed requestor as a key).
* Fix loading of _Vendor and _Local files in plugins.
* Remove menu/page overlapping that prevented clicking on some links.
* Handle invalid/unindexable Full Text Search records in Pg better.
* Allow users without the ExecuteCode right to create Simple templates.
* Ensure that templates which use heredocs won't have mysterious
* Fix null and NULL to work interchangeably in TicketSQL.
* No longer match on an english string on the Jumbo page.  This would
  result in the Comment/Correspond textarea remaining populated if using
  RT in a non-english locale.
* Remove even more old REST restrictions on Custom Field, Queue and
  other object names.
* Avoid warnings when building the menu on pages with invalid Queues or
  other objects.
* Saved Search descriptions can safely contain [] without running
  afoul of the localization infrastructure.
* Allow setting a Queue's Lifecycle back to 'default'.
* Stop using HTML::Mason's cache_self method.  It caused some rendering
  bugs with GnuPG keys and won't be fixed by upstream.
* Fix "RefersTo is NULL" and "Requestor is NULL" to work properly in
  TicketSQL (before we only checked for "IS NULL").
* Instead of localizing "Owner Name" in the charting UI, instead
  localize the words separately.
* When overriding $HomepageComponents or other reference config types in
  RT_SiteConfig.pm, the name would not render properly on
* Clean up session lockfiles because Apache::Session::File doesn't.
* Improve Custom Field Upload rendering when multiple files have been
* Bust the cache used by the SelectQueue widget when a Queue's name
* Dates on the Bulk Update page such as Due, Told, etc are now rendered
  as DateTimes.

* The Rights Editor now keeps track of the user/group and tab selected
  when submitting and switching between states.
* Allow bookmarking tickets from the mobile interface.
* Warn less when your RT is behind a proxy.
* New CheckMoreMSMailHeaders config option that tries harder to detect
  outlook and repair weird linespacing issues in text parts.
* New callbacks to add more information to the Outgoing Mail elements.
* When listing statuses for multiple Queues/Lifecycles, group statuses
  by Lifecycle (collapsing Lifecycles with identical Status lists).  This
  provides a more navigable status list on pages such as the Bulk Update.
* Improve performance of shrink_cgm_table.pl and
  shrink_transactions_table.pl by processing more rows at a time.
* When updating fields that contain lots of text (such as templates)
  don't display the entire contents of the template.
* Add Custom Field styling and a callback to easily add CFs in the mobile UI.
* Search Results that display many Custom Fields across many ticket rows
  will now cache Custom Field objects and make fewer database queries.
* Extensions that use ExtractTicketId can now cleanly alter the subject
  of the ticket.
* New callbacks at the beginning and end of search results.
* Record an X-RT-Interface header to track how a ticket was created.
* Improve dashboard rendering in Outlook and Lotus Notes by scrubbing
  JavaScript and not including the print styles.
* Update messages to include the user being affected rather than saying
  "Added principal" or "That principal".
* Provide add_after and add_before convenience methods for extensions
  adding new menus to RT.
* Display examples of the Date Format preferences in the user's timezone
  to make it clearer which formats are defined as UTC and which aren't.
* Users changing their password can now hit enter and not submit the
  Auth Token Reset form.
* When users move a ticket from Queue A to Queue B and no longer have
  the ability to see the ticket in Queue B, RT will still display a
  message confirming that the move happened.

* Lifecycle documentation separate from the RT_Config.pm docs.
* Document how to use the Style Editor and how to add your own CSS.
* Document basic approvals configuration.
* Improve documentation and examples for CreateTickets action
* Improvements to the Article setup/usage documentation.
* Clean up extraneous quotes in our POD.
* New documentation on recommended backup procedures.
* Remove some erroneous documentation in the REST interface.
* New documentation for the initialdata file format.

* Improve SQL logging on record creation and the autocompleter.
* Improve the debugging mason errors to include a stack trace.
* Ensure tests never run in the local locale (which can cause
  interesting failures).
* Catch and error if we throw warnings in tests.
* The rt-apache tool now accepts "." so you can easily run from a git
* Enforce internal policies on the repository with 99-policy.t.
* Inline test server now clears the callback cache between tests.

git log rt-4.0.8..rt-4.0.9
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