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This version has reached its end of life and is out of support. Please contact us for upgrade assistance.

RT 4.0.7 Release Notes

I'm happy to announce that RT 4.0.7 is now available.


SHA1 sums
4c6ba7c3311e0fc42bb99434e91d03318c24186f  rt-4.0.7.tar.gz
e162aa17cacecc714ec744545c52c4ac7238c816  rt-4.0.7.tar.gz.sig

This release contains a number of bugfixes since the 4.0.6 release.
In particular, we have adjusted the CSRF warning for a few pages based
on user feedback.

This release bumps dependencies on Email::Address, FCGI and IPC::Run so
please make sure to run 'make testdeps' and if required 
'make fixdeps' before upgrading. Running 'make upgrade' will also
check your installed versions for errors.


* Bump the FCGI dependency to one which closes CVE-2011-2766
  The 4.0 series did not specify a minimum FCGI version and it's
  possible that a vulnerable release of the perl FCGI module was
  installed when you set up an earlier release of 4.0.x


* Allow specification of your CSRF Whitelist Referrer using *.example.com 
* Allow searching for tickets associated with articles using a:42
* Upgrade our Date/Time picker JS, allow unsetting of CFs
* Improve display of circularly linked tickets
* Optimize the large table changes between 3.2 and 3.4 for MySQL
* Provide a better error if your CreateTickets template is malformed
* Add the ExtractTicketId function to make customizing ticket id
  matching easier


* Don't trust emails that claim to be UTF-8, convert it to UTF-8 before storing
* Fix a shredder bug when deleting a user and replacing it with another user
* Remove CSRF restrictions on search results page
* Ensure that TransactionBatch scrips always run in the RT::System
  context rather than having some sub-objects in the original user's
* Better display of multipart/related mail
* Remove some warnings when running under Perl 5.16
* Better errors when viewing approvals without rights
* Bring back rounded corners on FireFox >= 13 by using the standard
  border-radius property
* $Users->LimitCustomField now ignores disabled ObjectCustomFieldValues
  properly (same for other non-ticket objects).
* Versions of IPC::Run < 0.90 could truncate labels on charts that
  contain UTF-8 characters
* Fix a rendering issue where certain emails would cause the history to
  render progressively more staggered to the right
* Make owner:falcone and owner:falcone@example.com work
* CF.{Foo} TicketSQL searches are now case insensitive on Pg and Oracle
* Tickets with Unicode subjects created through the Web UI could end up
  being corrupted on reply because of other headers passed to MIME::Head
* Ignore DECRYPTION_INFO from GnuPG 1.4.12
* Record LastUpdated(By) on Scrips
* Simple Search now handles Custom Fields with dashes
* Remove another hardcoded use of 'resolved' in the mailgate unsafe actions
* When deleting dashboards, also delete subscriptions
* Fix rendering of links from bin/rt
* Don't allow ticket creation if your REST form contains an unknown field
* Skip users with empty email addresses in autocompletion
* Loosen our detection of mobile browser to search for the word 'mobile'
* Don't provide a charset on download of binary attachments
* Fix UseSideBySideLayout to not be cached across users
* Ensure that article searches are case insensitive
* QueueSummaryByStatus now uses the improved code from QueueSummaryByLifecylcle

A complete changelog is available from git by running 
`git log rt-4.0.6..rt-4.0.7`
or visiting
although they will not load all of the commits.