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RT 4.0.19 Release Notes

RT 4.0.19 -- 2014-01-13

We are pleased to announce RT 4.0.19 is now available.


SHA1 sums

ce7bae429ed56603fef9e7a46d976d1ea9ed1e14  rt-4.0.19.tar.gz
fefb23bb549f94e65e803de295e747f143384557  rt-4.0.19.tar.gz.sig

This release is primarily a bugfix release; of particular note is that
it contains schema changes for MySQL, the first notable such in the 4.0
series.  Though the changes are limited, it is especially important to
take, and verify you can recover from, a database backup prior to

Other changes of note:

 * Add documentation for rt-crontool
 * Clean up examples in Lifecycles documentation
 * Document additional indexes that increase performance of Shredder
 * Replace a suggested GnuPG option with one which is not deprecated
 * Note that errors reported from the GnuPG infrastructure may be caused
   by GnuPG not being configured, but having been automatically enabled.

 * On MySQL, alter the character set of all columns used to store email
   addresses to UTF-8
 * Ensure that invalid byte sequences that may have snuck into the
   database previously (on earlier versions on MySQL, for instance) are
   not blindly interpreted as UTF-8 when retrieved from the database.
   As a result, invalid bytes will be returned from the API as the four
   characters "\xHH", where HH is the hexadecimal encoding of the byte.
 * Ensure that all data containing non-ASCII is quoted-printable encoded
   for PostgreSQL, instead of merely all data not claiming to be
 * Additional warnings prevention on Oracle; tests now pass cleanly
 * Allow fully-automated database upgrades using --upgrade-from and
   --upgrade-to options to rt-setup-database
 * Clean out any remaining traces of RTFM that lingered in custom fields
   and custom field values that were disabled at the time of the
   previous upgrade step.
 * Bullet-proof a 3.8 -> 4.0 upgrade step for Scrips with no Condition

 * Set a transfer encoding on outgoing dashboards; this resolves issues
   with long lines when using the Sendmail MTA.
 * Cope with mangled and overly-quoted recipient headers occasionally
   generated by Outlook.

General user UI
 * When using the back button to return to a reply page with the rich
   text editor, contents will no longer be doubly HTML-encoded
 * Improve rendering on Internet Explorer 6
 * Fix cascaded custom fields on Internet Explorer 8 and below.
 * Support cascaded selects for all Select render types (dropdown,
   select box, radio buttons, checkboxes)
 * Minor rendering bugs with Charts placed on homepages and dashboards
 * Add "mark as seen" functionality to SelfService ticket display pages
 * Link the ModifyPeople page when the user has Watch or WatchAsAdminCc
 * Whitelist "show outgoing email" and chart results from CSRF
 * RT 4.0.7 introduced a performance regression when building ticket
   searches that query Links; switch back to a much better-indexed
 * Fix "Clone ticket" functionality with Select-multiple custom fields.
 * Show the queue ID for the current queue in the ticket edit page, even
   if the user does not have SeeQueue; this prevents the user from
   accidentally changing the queue.

Query Builder
 * Support CF.Foo in addition to CF.{Foo} and '__CF.{Foo}__' in format
   strings.  This follows the trend of allowing brace-less forms
   whenever possible.
 * Ensure that format strings from the Query Builder escape quotes
   correctly, and correctly parse existing formats with quotes.
 * Autocomplete CF values for custom fields of type "Autocomplete" in
   the Query Builder.
 * Warnings avoidance for searches with more than 1000 results.

 * Fix real-time updating of Theme CSS on Internet Explorer 8 and below
 * Fix a minor display bug in the CF Admin pages, where the queue number
   instead of queue name would be displayed in requests shortly after
   server startup.
 * Add "Extra Info" as a possible field for "More About Requestor"

 * Ensure that iCal dates are formatted with a leading space on the
   first nine days of each month, for correctness.
 * Show iCal dates (when omitting times) in the user's timezone, not UTC

 * Prevent a server error when attempting to guess content-type in the
   REST interface.

 * Custom Action and Condition packages (as supplied by extensions;
   these are not the text entry boxes in the UI) are now loaded at
   server startup time, to catch compile-time errors in such classes
   early as well as reducing RT's memory footprint on mod_perl.
   Previously, these errors would have logged errors only when their
   Scrip failed to fire.  This restores the behavior found in RT 3.8,
   which was mistakenly removed in RT 4.0.0.
 * rt-dump-metadata has slightly more documentation and options
 * Additional callbacks, including in charts, and on ticket reply pages
 * Show customized rights under their appropriate categories
 * Remove an unused Makefile target
 * Ensure that RT::Template->Create returns (result,message) and not
   simply result

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.0.18..rt-4.0.19
or visiting