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RT 4.0.18 Release Notes

RT 4.0.18 -- 2013-10-15

We're pleased to announce that RT 4.0.18 is now available.


SHA1 sums

c023227267b6fdfc4514b233d53e1b1bc31b51a1  rt-4.0.18.tar.gz
d3fb6f14b3bd51cd25cf5681d1ae668701ddc4fb  rt-4.0.18.tar.gz.sig

This release is primarily a bugfix release; most notably, it addresses
compatibility issues with recent versions of the Encode perl module.
Notable changes include:

 * Cope with Encode version 2.33 and later, which altered their internal
   functionality and caused RT to double-encode Subject lines in
   outgoing email.
 * Fix HTML rendering errors in dashboard emails.
 * Fix overzealous quoting around decoded MIME words.

 * In the rights UI, entering the name of a user or group which already
   has rights will now correctly select them for rights granting, as if
   their name had been selected.
 * Display types in the "applies to" dropdown for custom fields in
   consistent order
 * Paginate the Queues list in the administrative interface into 50
   results per page.
 * Support for cascading selections with a multiple-select parent.
 * Clarify that $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs only applies to new, and
   not existing, tickets.
 * Clarify how an undefined $RTAddressRegexp is treated, and that it
   does not come at any notable performance penalty.

 * Fix verbosity of syslog messages; now only the 'debug' level includes
   originating filename and line.
 * Include process ID in log messages, for ease of isolation in a
   multi-process environment.
 * Log the From: address of incoming mail which triggered an error, for
   ease of debugging.

Other Bugfixes
 * Avoid linking trailing punctuation, or html tags, in URL anchors in
 * Fix the Quick Search (QueueSummary) portlet when non-lowercase statuses are used.
 * Show Date and DateTime custom fields in the user's format and time
   zone in search results.
 * Allow rt-email-group-admin to be passed an email address that RT is
   not already aware of.
 * Show submitted content from the user on errors in REST submission,
   for ease of re-editing and re-submission.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.0.17..rt-4.0.18
or visiting