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This version has reached its end of life and is out of support. Please contact us for upgrade assistance.

RT 4.0.16 Release Notes

RT 4.0.16 -- 2013-07-29

This release fixes an important regression in the Shredder tool included
in 4.0.14 and 4.0.15.  Attempting to run the Shredder tool from the
command line would fail with a compile-time error.


SHA1 sums

72dec0d1a6ffbedcab1db2dc1a8aee358e4fe731  rt-4.0.16.tar.gz
3fd72d7d7458577d286be2361c6be23fd95ab7d8  rt-4.0.16.tar.gz.sig

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.0.15..rt-4.0.16
or visiting