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This version has reached its end of life and is out of support. Please contact us for upgrade assistance.

RT 4.0.15 Release Notes


This release fixes an important regression in the ugprade scripts
included in 4.0.14.  If you attempted to upgrade from 3.8 with the RT
FAQ Manager tables (FM_*) in your database, one of the upgrade scripts
would error out.

If you were planning to upgrade from 3.8 using 4.0.14, please use 4.0.15
instead.  If you have already upgraded to 4.0.14, there is no
functional change in 4.0.15.

RT 4.0.15


SHA1 sums

722b328a4e42c247233f4b1e6eb9feb1e7161534  rt-4.0.15.tar.gz
4aa528244e95c9d94a7b010c946174ef425049f2  rt-4.0.15.tar.gz.sig

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.0.14..rt-4.0.15
or visiting