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RT 4.0.14 Release Notes


RT 4.0.14


SHA1 sums

5f058bb4ef44738c9b03e6e8b45d5593c30b02df  rt-4.0.14.tar.gz
e07bf7f6f5ad94d666fe28c9cb56879e4c9aac9b  rt-4.0.14.tar.gz.sig

This release is primarily a bugfix release. It also contains automated
tests for security vulnerabilities announced on 2012-10-25.

* Ticket watcher searches that involve a large number of ORs will now
  use a much-improved SQL query, instead of the old many-join solution.
* Do a better job wrapping text before quoting it in a reply.
* Simple search now supports @example.com to search for tickets
  requested by users with email addresses ending in @example.com.
* If our display parsing of an HTML attachment fails for known reasons,
  a better error message is provided, directing admins to contact us with
  a sample.
* Tickets created via the REST interface can provide attachments.
* Comments and Replies in the REST interface may include a Content-Type.
* RT's Quote recognition now triggers on > and ignores things like
  !,|,#,% etc.  This should resolve a number of false positives.
* RT is now compatible with perl 5.18.0.

* Resolve several corner cases where RT's database handle can be
  disconnected unexpectedly.
* When a TicketSQL query fails, report that failure to the user rather
  than silently displaying an empty ticket list.
* Display and add attachments to tickets in alphabetical rather than
  random order.
* Ensure that LifeCycle statuses are compared case-insensitively.
* Report Reminder creation/updates back to the user more consistently.
* Ensure that Reminders are created in the reminder_on_open LifeCycle
* The Bookmarks portlet is no longer unlimited and obeys standard
  homepage restrictions.
* Display non-ticket links in search result formats.
* RT::CurrentUser->Attributes now returns attributes for the relevant
  User, resolves a bug noticed in RT-Extension-MergeUsers.
* Always filter empty OrderBy directives, which may come from old saved
  search preferences.
* Uploaded attachments are now always marked Content-Disposition: attachment.
* Allow Custom Field Values to change case.
* The error message for Truncated Attachments is now marked text/plain
  rather than plain/text.
* When bulk updating Tickets with Transaction Custom Fields, the
  list of Transaction Custom Fields is based on the Queues of the
  Tickets displayed, not the Queues of the Tickets updated in the
  previous update.

* Clarify the cause of certain PostgreSQL full text indexing errors.
* Remove an error preventing logging of an actual error related to
  problems storing sessions.
* Clean the lock files used for file based sessions more aggressively.
* SetOutgoingMailFrom will now accept an email address to be used
* OverrideOutgoingMailFrom now falls back to the global
  CorrespondAddress if the Queue does not declare one.
* rt-setup-database now prints the DatabasePort when describing the
  database it is modifying.
* rt-setup-database tries to detect when it is being run from an invalid
  location or being given an invalid upgrade directory.
* rt-setup-database detects an upgrade running on Pg 9.2 and directs the
  admin to install a newer DBD::Pg.
* rt-email-digest no longer prints output when sending digests unless
  the --verbose flag is passed.

* CleanSlate on collections more thoroughly resets the collection.
* A new callback and better support for JS/CSS tweaking of our
  Autocompleter display formats.
* New warning when an RT::URI::* resolver object cannot be created.
* Extensions may use rt-setup-database --action upgrade --package
  extension to provide RT's friendlier upgrade infrastructure.
* Refactoring of TicketSQL parse to support TxnCF.{CFName} or
  QueueCF.{CFName} in the future.

* Correct the example backup `date` command in backups.pod
* MailCommand's testfile argument is now documented.
* Multiple cleanups to better support http://docs.bestpractical.com
* RT::Classes and RT::Principals now default to honoring the Disabled flag.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.0.13..rt-4.0.14
or visiting