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This version has reached its end of life and is out of support. Please contact us for upgrade assistance.

RT 4.0.12 Release Notes

It's my pleasure to announce RT 4.0.12 is now available for download.


SHA1 sums
779ae82d1847aea23afe28e54a982c59f93b4953  rt-4.0.12.tar.gz
8ef461c88486fa551985323ef6ed56e626176258  rt-4.0.12.tar.gz.sig

This release of RT repairs a regression in 4.0.11.  If you use the Rich
Text Editor, the red background on Reply was missing due to the update
of CKEditor to support IE10. It also includes a database upgrade, so
please make sure to run 'make upgrade-database'.

* Date and DateTime Custom Fields now have the same 'smart' date parsing
  that core RT date fields have.
* Improved logging when the sending of a Correspond or Comment fails.
* The Quick Search preferences page now has Select/Clear All buttons.
* Unprivileged users can now change Language and Time Zone.
* Warn MySQL users if their max_allowed_packet is dangerously low.

* Repair 4.0.11 regression where red background on Reply with the
  RichText Editor was lost.
* Quiet warnings in the verbose user format.
* Allow changing the case of a Group's name (prevented by earlier code
  stopping you from having two groups with the same name).
* Allow changing the case of a Class's name.
* Avoid warnings when using empty Templates.
* Update our InnoDB checks for MySQL 5.6 compatibility.
* Clarification of when SetOutgoingMailFrom and OverrideOutgoingMailFrom
  are available.
* Improve layout of collection lists in IE.
* Fix Attach more files button in Self Service.
* Set caching headers on autocomplete endpoints.
* Restore and improve prematurely deleted documentation for
* Correct the encoding of Dashboard email Subject headers.
* Fix the default roles on User->WatchedQueues.
* Document the need to grant SeeCustomField in UPGRADING-3.4.
* Nudge menus below the shadows in aileron.
* Fix missing headers and a syntax error in the
  /REST/1.0/attachment/NN endpoint.

* Improve the display of numbers when using the French localization.
* Built in components and searches (such as Bookmarked Tickets) are now
* Use PostgreSQL error codes in the full-text-indexer instead of
  matching on error messages that may be in a non-english language.
* Localize 'Dashboard' during creation.
* Mark 'Modify this user' as localizable.

* Test can now be run against a remote DB server.
* Install etc/upgrade to make some rt-setup-database actions easier
  without requiring access to the install directory.
* RT_TEST_PARALLEL_NUM controls the -j param in make parallel-test
* Work around a git bug in git archive when packaging releases.
  This caused the third party sources to bloat the 4.0.11 tarball.
* Fix examples in the CreateTickets documentation.
* RT Ticket types (ticket, approval, reminder) are now always forced to
  lower case.
* Allow the use of 'NOT IN' in Limits (assuming a new enough

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.0.11..rt-4.0.12
or visiting