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This version has reached its end of life and is out of support. Please contact us for upgrade assistance.

RT 4.0.10 Release Notes

RT 4.0.10 is now available for download.


SHA1 sums

6ecb3f9ffd59df55d04fc7705e4017e8a420bac8  rt-4.0.10.tar.gz
7f84cad8c5aa0a3b8bd45e5b79ab6b247bfa3624  rt-4.0.10.tar.gz.sig

This release contains several bugfixes and a fix for a regression
introduced in 4.0.9. If you have a Queue configured so that users have
SeeQueue and CreateTicket but not ShowTicket (they can create tickets,
but won't be able to see them after creation) then any Custom Fields
assigned to that Queue and filled in during creation would be lost
during submission.

* CF values are no longer possibly lost during ticket creation; see
  above for a complete description
* Updated localizations, including a new Slovak translation
* Error titleboxes now render properly when they have collapse icons
* Restore a missing </form> tag on the mobile login
* Allow non-uris in Link transactions
* Bulk Update maintains the previous value of the "Told" box on page
* Simple Search no triggers queue-searching behavior when passed a
  disabled Queue names
* We now find localizations expressed as ( qw(a b c))
* Only attempt to update Told if the correspond succeeded

git log rt-4.0.9..rt-4.0.10
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