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RT 3.8.16 Release Notes

I'm happy to announce that RT 3.8.16, the latest maintenance release, is
available for download.


SHA1 sums

9df5ed89d93d07d64ece8692cfb9e4a444ade01d  rt-3.8.16.tar.gz
9d71bc7b65638af15179d8e9def60f55b5329d7c  rt-3.8.16.tar.gz.sig

Recent support for partitioned GnuPG emails introduced a deadlock
situation for large QP/Base64 emails with GnuPG enabled.  In addition,
this release resolves a number of issues running the test suite on newer
versions of perl.

git log rt-3.8.15..rt-3.8.16
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