RT: Request Tracker

RT 3.8.12 Release Notes

This release of RT contains important bugfixes and security updates.
You can download it from:


SHA1 sums

aa657de2fd687c51f31216df6dc1f639a0bc1f7c  rt-3.8.12.tar.gz
1da5db780c40455ceeb9a6099364f2bb977271a6  rt-3.8.12.tar.gz.sig

This release, in addition to being a bugfix release, also resolves a
number of security vulnerabilities.  It resolves CVE-2011-2082,
CVE-2011-2083, CVE-2011-2084, CVE-2011-2085, CVE-2011-4458,
CVE-2011-4459, and CVE-2011-4460.

 * Upgrade prototype.js to version 1.7, for compatibility with google
 * Remove ie7.js, which is no longer used.
 * Ensure that TransactionBatch scripts are only run once.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
  git log rt-3.8.11..rt-3.8.12